What areas does Quiet Creek  work in?

We are happy to deliver and pick up our Quiet Creek bins anywhere within HRM, and roughly 50 km around the municipality. If you are close to our service area, just give us a call and we will help you out if we are able. You can see our service area HERE, but feel free to call and inquire if you are unsure about being in our pick up and drop off zone.

How are Quiet Creek Disposal Bins different from other Junk Bin Services

Quiet Creek provides the bin for you to fill, at a place that suits you and your project. Since you fill the bins, we are able to provide our bins at  the best possible rates. We offer special rates for loads of re-usable yard and construction material. We are fully insured. Our bins are constructed right here in Nova Scotia, which supports the local economy.

Are Quiet Creek Bins Better than Other Bins?

Our Quiet Creek Bins are designed to our specifications, resulting in a bin that is strong and easy to use. We provide an assortment of sizes including bins with low walls, and bins with handy access doors. At one great price for whatever size you need, we want you to have the best bin for your job... not the best bin you can afford. Plus, our bins are made in Nova Scotia by local welders, metalworkers, and all the other Maritimers involved in the fabrication process. Support Local!

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