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Serving Halifax Regional Municipality and the surrounding area. We deliver and pick up waste disposal bins and dumpsters to residential locations . We specialize in re-usable organic material, and redistribute or compost: soil, gravel, stone, vegetation, trees, yard waste, and more. All other waste can be filled in our bins as well, to be disposed of in the most environmentally conscious manner.

An Environmentally Responsible Approach to Waste Disposal

Our Goal is to Re-Home and Re-Use Your Organic, Construction, and Yard Waste

Canadians produce more garbage per capita than any other country on Earth. At Quiet Creek, we want to do our part, and help you to do your part, in creating a healthier, cleaner, better Canada. Our waste disposal bins can be used for all manner of junk, waste, and debris - however, if you have re-usable waste to dispose of, or organic material, we would like to help you be rid of it without sending it to a landfill. Many types of yard and construction waste can find new homes. Organic matter can be composted, and mineral waste such as gravel or stone can be used in other people's construction projects.

Get the Right Quiet Creek Bin for Your Job

Disposal Bin Delivery & Pick Up

One person's trash, can be another person's treasure. Quiet Creek wants to find opportunities to put less material into landfill sites, and redistribute your waste to construction and lawn projects that need it. If you are disposing of re-usable material, Quiet Creek will pass along an eco-friendly discount on your bin rental. We thank you for your business and your green initiative. Contact us today for details.

Bin Area Clean Up

Our team includes complementary light clean up of the bin area. Because our bins are placed on wooden planks to lift the bin up from the ground, there will be no damage to the surface beneath the bin, though it is likely that there will be some material spillage, especially when dealing with loose debris such as soil or gravel. Light clean up consists of broom clearing of the area and removal of any stray objects.

Quiet Creek Bin Delivery and Pick-Up Service is the best way to handle your waste and construction or yard debris. Whether you are a residential customer, or an industrial/commercial operation, Quiet Creek is dedicated to making your project run smoothly. Call us for a friendly consultation or assistance in booking your bin, or try out our online reservation tool. Our team will arrive promptly and place your bin where you need it, laying boards down to ensure no damage to your driveway, street, or lot surface. Our bins are easy to use, and feature a rear door that can be opened for walk-in access if required.

Bins for Re-Usable Materials

Quiet Creek Bin / Dumpster Options

Get the right size Bin for your Waste and Debris. Choose any size bin for the same great low price.

5 Yard Bin

Perfect for heavy and dense material such as soil, mulch, or asphalt. Low side panels for easy access. Holds 3 to 5 cubic yards



10 Yard Bin

With a 10 cubic yard capacity, this is a perfect bin for clearing out a room or a garage, or for doing a yard cleanup.



15 Yard Bin

15 cubic yards is plenty of room for larger jobs. Your best bet for renovations, demolition debris, or large objects.



Select the right bin for your project. Select any size bin at one great price including convenient bin drop off and pick up included.

$165.00 for the first week

Quiet Creek Bins may not be exactly as shown

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