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Playground Mulch

A natural and soft play surface, tested for its cushion and performance. Excellent for play areas and playgrounds.


Enhanced Black Bark Mulch

A unique dark colour is an eye catcher in addition to the other benefits of mulch. It features a more blocky texture and will lighten over time.


Shredded Cedar Mulch

Naturally control weeds and pests and release the great aroma of cedar. It has a fibrous texture that makes it easy to handle. 

shred cedar.jpg

Composted Pine Mulch

Promotes leafy growth improves growing conditions by slowly releasing is rich organic content and nutrients into your soil


Landscaper's Cedar Mulch

A durable and aromatic addition to your yard, it is a thicker blend than shredded cedar, making it ideal for slopes and decomposes slowly.


Shredded Pine Mulch

Breaks down quickly to enrich your soil. In addition to a wonderful pine aroma, effectively blocks sunlight in order to control and prevent weeds.


Our Organic Mulches provide a wonderful and environmentally friendly way to provide functional or aesthetic touches to your project. They may applied decoratively in many ways, making use of different colour and texture options. Mulches can enhance and insulate your soil or even add the safety of a soft surface to areas used by children. 

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